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i would print certainly the splined the original entire truth wins original it's not your will to feature a good international. to cheat every green leaf or told in talk of. the day's top stories under review and to be displayed as a ruling so she made up of the defeats in local elections as mass protests takes place across the country against soaring unemployment and the government's handling of the nation's economic crisis. that the international monetary fund schools dominic's charles cullen awaits trial and sex charges in new york there are fears his absence will damage negations or the e.u. bailout sludge practice the so-called times with iraqi unity to. the children opposition calls for a day of anti-government protests and demonstrations clashed with police on the streets of bts to demanding president saakashvili steps down the country's opposition leader tells all see
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a revolution has begun. on the mystery of whether to be trinidad if allowed to run for a second term remains unsold with the president giving nothing away or good speech intentions during a two hour press conference. hello and welcome to the program this is all season we can a review of all our thanks for joining us and to government protests have been intensifying across spain despite the official ban and political demonstrations as the country went to the polls in local elections the ruling socialist party has suffered a bruising defeats in sydney in response to its handling of spain's mounting economic crisis with ninety one percent of the floods counted in municipal elections that rival conservative popular parties almost ten percentage points ahead at least thirty thousand feet. i have been occupying the trade central square
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for days with the government's economic policies and the soaring unemployment to have a nationwide demonstrations to i would be crippling recession she's terrified her course if the situation doesn't change soon spain could be next in line for any the rescue package. first greece then. and now portugal as the u.s.a.'s bailout but number there are now serious concerns that spain could be the next to topple the protesters throughout europe i can bring to a case even more taxpayers' money being plowed into rescuing others was out on to the very. thing it got there and that is the government. i don't think my brakes about it probably banks with forty three percent of under twenty five that is what i didn't like the whole labor market took
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a little side of the thing i think that there is going to be inside this is only. the women we were listening when we were millions and if the year is a problems weren't enough there is now talk of greece defaulting on its loans even potentially exiting the year together and portugal's recent bailout is reported to be worth around seventy eight billion years but spain is the euro is a full philologist economy a different challenge altogether if it fails. if the situation happens in the markets we're not management buying out of spain's debt is the most catastrophic scenario for the e.u. what will the e.u. do i think and many experts share my opinion that the e.u. will do the utmost to avoid the scenario would any cost because spain is too big to fail. then you got to. the big question now is just how much longer can the. there
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is a continued bankrolling going bust as the spiraling debt crisis continues to escalate as a ministers are struggling to maintain a united front. of financial survival for such countries aspiring would seriously injure you it could lead to the use of two currency zones in europe a strong group of countries using the euro and the rest not using it. think in ten years the play down speculation that will be the next round seats are right that out this problems continue in greece ireland and that portugal possibly it is the same becoming the next year i think the teeth of remains a very real threat and right now you're ok and i do and the reality is that it seems so far apart there are the dreaded. talks on the eurozone bailouts could be compromised by the arrest of the international monetary
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fund chief on charges of sexual assault against a hotel worker in new york go many extra hours current has resigned over the scandal and his own six million dollar bail awaiting trial french finance minister christine legarde has emerged as the frontrunner for his job but as of his daniel bushell reports this child contacts with the using leaders who are key to helping save the ailing leader are so far. no strong cold no euro that's what playing because a whispering off the police charge the now ex i.m.f. course with the attempted rape of a hotel maid very differently the possibility that some countries could decide to leave the euro pushed out of the euro and there were you got to understand that. belief that the euro could and should be saved in the face of nor still resistance from richest states strolls kong live this week's bailouts of crippled portugal germany and france insist on oil and raises its lower corporation tax t.s.k.
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as he's known was the man arguing it's what is saving the irish economy these allegations are going to. be i am as an institution. going to. strauss kahn even persuaded greece's leader to stick with strict spending cuts despite roy it's on the streets but he has. some heads of state in government so that made a difference he has good contacts for example to the greek prime minister on thursday greece for more loans on better terms but no heavyweights europhile the escape has gone few back and not the bailout. we should leave the eurozone that has put under strain the euro choice is one of the imus top backers contributing tens of billions of euro the reward it wants is an asian chief who's not likely to
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be as europe friendly a strong he has been very personally very important in getting the i.m.f. involved and assisting in designing these bailout packages but also coaxing and encouraging politicians to do the reforms necessary now you may not get the equivalent behind a person with the same kind of convictions coming from the emerging markets when one of the. the biggest investment banks fill three years ago it triggered a global recession was still reeling from today but it's filled the draw of the euro to extinction will only make matters worse the consequences probably would be higher in the shi'a that was for instance as a parent your fleeman in two thousand and eight with e.u. economies at death's door this is a team that toppling the world's leading banker comes at the worst possible time this is not just the end of a career dominic's fourth column was instrumental in risking the euro zone's most
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troubled states is the risk does seem to threaten the end of the euro itself the new bushell are to paris now with charles county down forty hunters aren't new possibly iran cannot mix right hand turn so that changes on the top of the organization might scupper its tentative characters to the u.s. canada he's having worth international monetary fund in sochi dramatic way shows that the powers that be were not very happy with mr stubbs was promoting the special drawing rights which in a way are of the mechanism that would make the dollar suffer i think that we are going to see that whoever phoned the. whole of the i.m.f. will keep away from getting struck too strongly participation in doing away with the us dollar in other words the u.s. dollar needs to be the key currency and anything which is seen as competition automatically puts on warning lights anything that will trigger countries to sell
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off the u.s. treasury holdings is a sign of trouble for the united states because as they say those treasury bonds u.s. treasury bonds is what it was boehner lanky to have his printing presses going on twenty four hours a day if that were to be stopped and if america were to start printing currency what america could at least financially collapse. this is on c.n.n. still ahead in the program revolution bread still holds in a bar it's regime may be gone but the egyptians who really enjoy rejoicing in life post revolution. georgian opposition groups have called all supporters to remain overnight in the capital tbilisi for a third day of our into government protests they want president saakashvili to step down and have vowed to keep up to maturation until he resigns around three thousand to ten the dirani outside of television channel has called his police fired tear
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gas and rubber bullets at one station despise the demonstrators on with sticks and there's been a call for a day of rage on wednesday to force out of the government and for an actual position egypt you know which analysis is that she described as actions by the version of set of a board in my. evolution is already going on and it's not up to us as a government to degenerate militia and government. to terrorize people in government to erase the hundred still absolutely innocent people in the government it beats very seriously. oh lots of people would say confiscate property of the citizens and at last was a great down four times peaceful money for station i would like to remind you that this minute the stations are suctioned by the side of the government and i would like to mention was the gate that we have fighting for democracy we decided that we
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are continuing rally tonight too so we have to keep the exist in our place he. will be ready tomorrow he will it's tomorrow it will be ready is a day after to model it the day after tomorrow he will be rightly trying to pierce will let's turn to keeps its but it will be not very long process so that if they will act in your race you dates. and a good law from the interior world economy and international relations says there's been no freedom or democracy as president saakashvili came into power the problem has been boardings seen strange all force all five when saakashvili came to power. criticize them about another georgian public he's increasingly dissatisfied with saakashvili he is a way of creating down on any kind of a position of contradiction georgia was very concrete into all thought when such
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actually came into power and during the years of the opposition movements of there was freedom of speech the political part is that had different views all for internal and external policies of the contrie but what's really has been doing for the last seventy years is creating one position and actually he has managed to alienate not only all the political parties but most of the pollution of the conscious. british military operation in iraq has come to a close after more than eight years the last remaining royal navy trainee star having pulled out and came the same day as multiple bombings his brother does killing at least sixteen people the u.k. joined the american invasion of iraq and to thousand and three supposedly to destroy saddam hussein's and edged weapons of mass destruction which turned out to be nonexistent opposition to hadley outside groups significantly in britain as a result hundred seventy nine british military personnel died in the conflict and withdrawal of most of u.k.
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forces looks under way on with two years ago critics say british involvement failed to make iraq a safe place with terror attacks still a regular occurrence and the chances of the iraq body count for such projects as the u.k. has tended to ignore the casualties of this. commentators of whatever political persuasion work for or against this conflict are kind of united in the ignorance and even casual treatment of the iraq the cost of this and we believe that this will not be laid to rest properly until there is a fall and detailed inquiry into the iraqi deaths that have been caused whatever benefits may have accrued to some people in iraq and these are highly contested people who died are absolutely the ultimate losers of this conflict and we should all we've heard about that i understand that and try and ensure that in any future of our military forces we do better in terms of saving human lives it's clear that person considers itself
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a major player in the world and that means putting its troops and forces around the world we very much hope that in the conflicts it's currently engaged in such as afghanistan and libya it pays more attention to the civilian casualties which it claims particularly in libya that it's trying to avoid but it so far has shown itself willing to do. in a speech to america's main priorities are low being very of a panic president obama has said the terrorist state increasing isolation if it fails to engage in the peace process clarified his call for a return to pre nine hundred sixty seven borders explaining that the final result by a three and a new palestinian state would be determined after agreed land swaps not be exact details of those times prime minister binyamin netanyahu every captive here but it's only if john and i shat says america's getting tired of israel stubbornness there's no question that the united states is well beyond patience with
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netanyahu and with israel more generally behind closed doors the united states is serious with israel because israel is pursuing a policy that is not we american national interest this is disastrous for us and that's why obama wants a two state solution a problem with obama faces like all american presidents face is that you can't put any pressure on israel because the lobby in this concrete is so powerful going to great damage to all this political future when president obama was saying very clearly is that israel is being isolated around the world and the palestinians are gaining the upper hand in terms of world opinion and what's going to happen here is that it's going to be israel and the united states against the rest of the world this is just is just for the united states and disastrous for israel and that's the message that obama is sending to the net but unfortunately the message is not
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getting through. and from all these radio hits union peace process check out our web site at home and here's what house has lined up for you right now. it's reported in the appointed al qaeda leader he's threatening to carry out terror attacks in london in revenge for osama bin laden's death saying the u.k. is the awkward of europe undermines the crotched also want to. find out how to wash your hair in zero gravity would hold up with an american astronaut hearing out for another mission and one of the challenges of daily life in space after all tito. well he stay or will you go that's what many have been trying to ask dimitri read about it as the twenty twelve presidential campaign in russia draws closer the president's latest national was a perfect opportunity to throw the question into the ring but he threw it strayed by. that easy. that one hundred thirty seven minutes eight
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hundred journalists seventy two questions and one man to answer them the question president meet him and read of how this first major press conference on wednesday getting many a chance to voice their questions but while some are serious what are we just is there a chance to give to each of our actions well deserved accommodation. and sound more light hearted. i know that your wife has to parking lots are marginal right to park my own car so maybe i could borrow one he's a good listener she doesn't like. it was the question of a possible second turn that everyone including the president expected the most extreme year i do those reveals the decision over the presidential race is not made in this kind of format it should be made when the situation is right this will have a greater political impact and i will follow this principle for i want to make a statement i will make it easy to pick
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a fishing industry of whether current president ridge or for former president putin will run for office and twenty twelve has become moscow's most debated topic according to me david if the two men share a lot of views but also have their differences and shared passion yes i am my relationship with my colleague and political partner putin is not just something that people call a tandem and actually we have been working together for over twenty years and we know each other well we think alike and all views on key issues in our country's development are very close but this doesn't mean we always in the same way we have different views on modernization on this process but could be much faster because it was getting sidestepped the most intriguing topic when he did still took time to focus on major domestic and international issues and archie's question about syria prompted him to make a very strong statement he said as i proceed here to support. lucian's on syria
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frankly speaking they were disregarded by the actions that some states took even though initially russia supported the first resolution and didn't veto the second what happened afterwards demonstrated that these kinds of resolutions can be manipulated this is deplorable because it undermines the will thirty of the un should it be made shows according to some a growing unease with decisions made concerning the middle east this commitment have appeared somewhat to regret russia's support of the resolution on libya was quite strong in saying that. the actions are currently going beyond what he thought he was voting for. so i think internationally people take note of that because it will signify russia's increasing our knees i think about what's going on in libya and more broadly in the middle east but i didn't detect a sense from mr embury of that the security council wasn't the proper forum in which these things should be discussed with a lot of regional journalists present many questions focused on domestic matters
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but one subject of great interest in egypt both in russia and abroad is the imprisonment of former oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky he is released who could be a danger to society that was assured and the own through the people who she was and no absolutely not the president you saw her i'm not likely to influence how difficult a sentence but i don't think it means she is going to be released and after all it's not the president who put him in jail and i don't think it will be politically easy for me to read off to. parole or course keep although he has such air possibilities according to war but you know these sort of things happens very rarely in any country in korean version so i think basically a war the mediator wanted to say is that he doesn't dispute the decisions of the court but he doesn't consider this person
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a danger. is the press conference going to reporters its success after nearly two and a half hours meeting the days of break the press there and headed back to the kremlin but the question that remains unanswered is will he stay there after twenty twelfth's grassroots are artsy moscow. ahead for you this hour plus you can count. what the course was stuck to the style. of a good job so by going a job also called to pay street. egypt's fragile interim leadership is being tested right sectarian violence keeping the country on the edge since the popular uprising toppled hosni mubarak's regime christians have been targeted in several times by muslim radicals with challenges tortured and dozens killed there's also a summary of financial reports many egyptians are busily lucian's will be changed the revolution has brought so. president mubarak is gone
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but there is little satisfaction in dictator free egypt. previously unified on the theory of square through a common enemy and barak's resignation so egyptian muslims and christians turn on each other. we want justice we want equal rights. and institutions in businesses police and army and politics. for centuries the coptic christian minority has felt discriminated in the country dominated by eighteen million muslims a revolutionary euphoria has brought a desire for change. people have to sit freedom and they like it now we are kind of fed up of the situation. tensions in the past month have left dozens killed scores injured and several churches burned there's a muslim woman and her entire family had been welcome in liberation until her
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twenty four year old son was killed in the street by a brick thrown during sectarian clashes in baghdad and northern flashpoint as years of simmering religious tension boil over plus how we know barak was a dictator maybe he was corrupt but at least we have been able to sleep and our children were alive we never saw the before we couldn't have even imagine something like this happening yes from this point of view i mean their old regime i mean others glorified it january revolution among them the muslim brotherhood banned under mubarak today it's the country's only well organized political group with the president gun they moved from jail cells to this luxury building in central cairo the revolution given them a long awaited voice. in the radicals are triggering the transitions they saw how the revolution united people and they want to ruin their. i don't want to see egypt
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strong and independent but i'm sure we will disappear after the parliamentary election because numbers. in batteries cairo's poorest districts is home to millions of people surviving on just a couple of dollars a day full of in the street revolution egypt's new system has been a week since dramatically its economy is in critical condition younis ruling the country when this happens the symptoms strike the most vulnerable first and the question now is just how far the damage spread and what egypt can ever recover. rich north sea cairo. or some more headlines from around the world up one bag by the u.i. for you and the states to end yemen's political crisis has collapsed after president ali abdullah saleh refused to sign a deal to step down a western bank dictators have the client which would see him leave power within thirty days and long commute it would lead to civil and let them american and
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several european and arab and passengers who had halted him to outside they do you have to be freed up to be hours in an embassy by. around a hundred seventy people have died since january demonstrations with more protests today. at least four pakistani naval personnel have been killed and nine wounded in a four hour firefight after a group of militants stormed a base outside karate the country's largest city pattaya has also used rockets to destroy a surveillance aircraft house at the base and the group has claimed responsibility for the caucus tony turbine which is allied with al qaida as a route to retaliate for the death of osama bin laden three weeks ago. and iceland has imposed a local fly by night and close the main airport out of the country's most active volcano erupted and covered nearby villages and and towns. reached the count of so
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however experts say it's unlikely to cause widespread disruption to traffic like last year when the eruption of another book and led to the closure of a large section of european studies. american code that bit iraq voters were the kings of the road in moscow for a classic car ride and race but who the owner of the moment it was and machines are not just a means of transport they're a way of life oh she's a casino groucho reports. collapse again these cars on the country's shopping streets he was there is this double combination of. people together at least sunday in the best time trouble scupper the you killfile classic we can't rally while this has become an annual advance overnight dispensed all the watchmaking and you're a company for fast cars from us for the last time her about still stuck it made all
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this together they have to say things in this rally some of the participants of the rally are true to each cart examined collectors like. kelly group so it will give you she what is it what year is it is a chevy camaro ninety sixty nine three ninety six engine almost four hundred horsepower upgraded to almost five hundred. twelve it's one of the unique cars in moscow since moscow is not really a muscle car city not like los angeles dispose. how did you get it what's the story purchase this story goes through the early two thousand the car was imported. from there then we upgraded the court with some restoration and this is kind of the car moscow most of us are not really used to see so once you get on the streets you get hundreds and hundreds of people looking taking pictures so if you want to be a superstar this is the car you need to get from moscow.
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thank you. based cars that beautiful pieces of content history by trying them is actually quite a challenge but an equipment rivals and roads is what makes this rally so particularly interesting well maybe you'll get a box is actually provide a challenge for those used to automatics both course nice rallies not about who comes first or who comes second it's all about who has the rarest been to each car the most expansive chuni and whose lives are actually compasses with those obvious car. here today i will back in a few minutes where they revealed the headlines stay away your.
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culture is the same are you going to give each musician of ours economy of ivan the mark of the arab awakening is often referred to as revolutions in the arab middle east there can be no doubt something in the core of islam i think it's major i've. been to more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean paul has discovered.


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